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Posted by Lisa Ellington

Dec 3, 2015 10:25:00 AM


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What is a landing page

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Dec 2, 2015 10:25:00 AM

A landing page can best be described as a destination page that has been assigned by the freelance creatives, basically web designers, set with the task of building a given website. This type of page is usually accessible from a hyperlink (a website that has been embedded into the contents of a page and linked via a phrase or a particular word) and is best described as being the first page that you the visitor accesses first. The hyperlink typically leads to a website's homepage but can also lead to other pages from an associated website. Lead pages are also defined as the advertisement results in a search engine.

In order to get a full understanding of what a landing page is please allow fir a brief explanation of the different types of landing pages: there are two. Freelance creatives are well versed in incorporating both types of pages and most require simple navigation. The first type of landing page is called a transaction page. This type of form asks that a certain transaction be completed rather through purchasing a product or filling out a form. Additionally, a second type of landing page is called a reference page and is defined as content that is informative through text, graphics, or any other associated element.

So why exactly are landing pages important? As it relates to the business world, landing pages is just one of the many tools that are used to determine how much traffic is streamed to a given website. While this can also be done via e-mail and advertisements freelance creatives have come to discover that by streamlining targeted traffic to your website via a landing page that asks for a certain command that is required of the user to complete. In the end, this will make for an effective landing page.

Although freelance creatives, or website designers, are the ones most likely to create a landing page it is so simple to do that anybody can easily complete. In order to successfully complete this remember two things; limited navigation, and delivery value. First, the goal is to keep a visitor on the landing page for as long as possible by limiting where they are able to escape to through another page on the website. Secondly, you want the offer presented on the landing page to be compelling enough to want the visitor's engagement to complete the task.


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Why inbound marketing can help freelance designers

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 30, 2015 10:25:00 AM

The workplace as well as work itself has changed as we transition from an industrial to an information age. With this transition, it has become easier for people to be freelancers. Now, you do not have to report to work in the morning and leave in the evening having put in your required hours. It is now possible to work from your home using the skills and knowledge you possess become more important in today’s job market.08-inbound.png

Freelancing has also relied heavily on advances in technology, providing freelance creatives and other freelancers the equipment they need to work from almost anywhere and that doesn’t have to be installed in factories. This has greatly reduced the capital needed to be your own boss and provides you with more independence and autonomy.

However, it's not all roses when it comes to freelancing. Competition is stiff due to lower bar of entry, independence, being your own boss and autonomy in working. Creative freedom has made freelancing especially attractive to writers, artists and designers, making it even more competitive for freelance creatives. Your competition ranges from experienced veterans to newbies who charge practically nothing. You therefore have your work cut out when it comes to building a brand and getting customers, two of the most important things to any freelancer.

Reasons inbound marketing work for freelance designers

Inbound marketing involves providing valuable information to clients. This information is meant to ultimately lead back to you and help you close a sale. Some of the techniques include blogs, webinars, social media marketing and newsletters to name but a few.

These tools are well-suited for freelance creatives like designers since they are easy and cost-effective to implement, have a wide reach, effective and measurable. Inbound marketing is well-suited for freelance creatives since:

Providing useful information to clients establishes you as an authority in your field of expertise: This is important as it helps establish yourself as a brand. It's mostly all that your first clients will have to go on.
It enables potential clients to see what you have done: This can be achieved using videos, portfolios and other techniques utilized in inbound marketing.


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Why Linked-In is a Great Social Network for Freelance Creatives

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 23, 2015 10:25:00 AM

Marketing with Social Network Platforms like LinkedIn

Marketing your talent as a freelance creative can be as enjoyable as actually writing for various clients with interesting topics. Using professional Social Networking venues like LinkedIn have advantages for networking with the very people you want to contact and market your writing expertise and experience.

The Linked-In Advantage

Some of the things you will enjoy about LinkedIn membership:

  • This platform is very easy to use when setting up your professional profile. In fact the initial profile steps are very intuitive.
  • Make sure the headshot you select is very professional and your best look.
  • Avoid being boastful, but be sure to include some stand out FAQs about your expertise and skills.
  • Include as many authentic recommendations as you can.
  • Most professionals know that professional networkers can interact with over 313,000,000 other professionals internationally through LinkIn. Did you also know that the first thing other professionals see is your profile when they click on your name?

    Freelance creatives sync up their professional photos, professional work histories and expertise, as well as specific talents so that people who view their pages get the true nature of their personal brand.

    Your Photo

    Make your only visual representation of you be the best possible headshot ever. This is a representation of your professionalism.

    Professional Profile

    Include informational details, education, awards and achievements that directly apply to the work you do and anything that builds on your future goals.

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Freelance designers, do google adwords work for you?

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 18, 2015 10:25:00 AM

With dedicated effort and some patience, one freelance creative is now earning between $16 million and $20 million a year from his freelance work just because he invests in Google Adwords. Gabriel Shaoolian, a freelance web designer, started freelancing in 2001. He also started using Google Adwords around the same time. By 2006, Gabriel had formed his own company - Blue Fountain Media - and six years later (in 2012), he was already employing 160 people around the globe.

Google Adwords is a great internet marketing tool if you want to gain traffic through targeted clicks. Since it costs money, the decision to use Adwords may sound risky. However, it also comes with guaranteed business traffic.

For freelance creatives, Google Adwords offers an assured way of gaining immediate traffic and a PPC program with local, national, and international distribution. You’ll be required to pay just a small amount to create an Adwords account and thereafter bid on selected keywords. The payment is billed after very click; meaning that if there is no click then no amount will be billed.

Google Adwords best practices

However, to be successful with Adwords, freelance creatives need to think outside the box. You need to start thinking like a CEO. Think of how you can add value to your services to make them more attractive. Think about why clients should choose you over your competitors. Here are 5 best practices to add spark to your Adwords campaign;

  • Know your keywords – your keywords are the lifeblood to your campaigns. Make sure you’re putting enough effort in building your keyword list.

  • Know your negative keywords – just as important as your positive keyword list is the negative keyword list. If you don’t have one yet, this is the time to create the list.

  • Create editorial groups – editorial groups allow you to be more specific. You’ll have more refined keywords which make it easier to reach your target customers.

  • Vary your ads – consider writing several variations of the same ad and test them to see which one works best.

  • Research – it is very important to measure your performance and evaluate your success. Are you hitting your targets? And if so, how fast?

In summary, Google Adwords is a must use for freelance creatives. After all, Adwords campaigns are easy to run and the potential ROI is very high!


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SEO tips for freelance creatives

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 13, 2015 10:25:00 AM

SEO has certainly evolved in recent years. In fact, no longer is search engine optimization simply relegated to strategic keyword placement. Today’s SEO encompasses a myriad of tools and techniques designed to meet Google’s White Hat criteria. The latter, of course, is the world’s largest and most popular search engine – which recently releases a slew of updates and changes to its algorithms. This includes the fact that all sites and blogs must now be optimized for mobile viewing. This enables online venues to be accessible via wireless, remote, and digital devices. It also helps brands appear in local search results, which secures higher visibility and optimal rankings for pages.

Tips for the Freelance Market

While Google continues to dominate the market as a central hub for SEO tools and techniques – telecommuting is also expanding at alarming rates. From freelance copywriters and web designers to social media gurus, there are several SEO tips for freelance creatives. This includes captivating and compelling web content, which effectively attracts and engages existing and potential clients. Gripping web templates and eye-catchy graphics also establishes uniformity and consistency in design. This makes your content easy to scan and digest, while marketing your products and services to core, niche, or mass audiences. All online marketing or advertising campaigns should also include:

  • Social media integration – which generates a lasting buzz about your brand while securing greater lead generation and recurring web traffic.
  • Mobile readiness – responsive web design is needed for mobile platforms in this new digital age.
  • Link-building – traditional PPC and embedded/visible links are still vital in connecting customers to the products and services they seek.
  • SEM – search engine marketing plans can help your freelance business secure higher visibility across Google and vast digital networks.
  • Other Essential SEO Tips

    With the freelance market growing by leaps and bounds, you simply need a sound SEO plan to help establish brand validity and awareness. This includes web development, along with strategic keyword placement and even business ads. Promotional videos can also get your message across to clients, while precise and concise content is vital in securing strong social media profiles. Whether for new or existing freelancers – the ability to extend your brands reach on the Web is simply paramount. With the new digital age upon us, SEO tips for freelance creatives is as vital as ever.


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Freelance Designers: Make Your Website A Marketing Engine

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 11, 2015 10:25:00 AM

Many freelance designers out there may already have their own websites; if not, you're already behind! Looking for work can be taxing at times. There are countless websites to look for work. You may have some connections but it's beyond time to update those. So, you have your website. Creating a website to assist in finding work could also bring in more than just clients. It's imperative to know the basics about your brand in order to support a great looking website, because this is a representation of yourself in the crowded waters of the internet.

Your website, and eventually, your marketing engine needs a face. Let's face it, you may be great in Photoshop but it's all about you and your brand. Creating a top notch logo is step one. No one will trust in your hard work if you don't have hard work in your representation. With this and your talents as a creative freelance designer, you can begin to affiliate you and your website with other freelance designers. A website is a portal into your entire game. Linking yourself up with other websites and friends is beneficial to all parties. The site can not be a blown up interpretation of what you do, it's got to be engaging. In doing this, you will have to utilize the many money making ad spots that are available, but smartly. Engage your potential leads with this beautiful site, a few ads to pay the cost (and make extra income) and a customer relationship manager. With an automated service like a CRM, you are just about in business.

This helps to automate any leads to clients. When someone contacts you or engages with your product, a CRM helps to land the lead, turn into a loyal working relationship, and hopefully spawn new relationships. A CRM can help with emails and so much more to keep a handle of all your new business. Engaging web content can help boost Google search results, linking with your friends in the freelance world and monetizing your site lands you on the right track to a successfully running marketing engine.


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Learn how to generate leads from your website.

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 4, 2015 10:25:00 AM

Don’t fret! Generating leads is fun. As a marketer you may struggle to find the right way to generate leads, but all it takes is a look at who your customers are, what they might like, and how can you deliver that to them?

Generating leads is like a value exchange between you and your customers. As freelance creatives, it is your duty to get to know your customer so that you can earn your way into their email box, and telephone. Think about what you would trade in exchange for your email information? Now think about what your customer would consider a valuable trade for their email information. Once you figure out the customer’s perspective, you will know exactly how to generate more leads faster than ever before as a freelance creative.

You should also know that your customers will give you every kind of information that you ask for as long as the exchange is valuable to them. Think about it this way, would you give out all your personal information in exchange for a new car? You probably would, and everyone thinks the same way. Data has value, so you need to find out what has enough value to create a positive experience for a person giving their email address to you. This item should be less expensive than the lifetime value of the customer, but valuable enough for the amount of information you will need.

Some good examples that have been used by freelance creatives in the past are small toys, e-books, jewelry, or any other item that would qualify your customer as someone who would be interested in your services. As a freelance creative, the worse item you can offer in exchange for lead information is something generic like an iPad. For example, if someone is selling Tennis supplies, and offers an iPad as a giveaway for personal information, then many people who don’t like tennis will try to take the iPad, but provide little value to the sales funnel. Let’s take a new approach. If you offer the same people, free tennis racket adjustments and string, then you would attract people who enjoy Tennis, and they are also prime leads for your Tennis supply business.


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Freelance Creatives: how to keep your clients from being bamboozled by so called "SEO experts"

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Nov 2, 2015 10:25:00 AM

If you one of the many freelance creatives in writing, graphic design, or another of the content specialties; you work with clients of all skill levels. This changing landscape of interests and skill is usually rewarding, but can occasionally have drawbacks. One of these potential issues is dealing with inexperienced people who become brainwashed by a so called “SEO expert”.

Identifying the Problem

If you allow your client too much time to for research; you may end up with someone who is ‘certain’ they need keyword stuffed articles and terribly ugly blinking ads above the fold of their site. Knowing that their strategy is a mistake can leave you cringing during the project. You could even end up with an unsatisfied customer at no fault of your own. The ideal solution to this problem is to educate your client before they do too much searching.

Education is Key

If you’ve worked with enough people, you know that most are reasonable. Even the customers who have been misinformed are willing to lend an ear to reason, but can freelance creatives save their clients from being bamboozled by all of the junk?

Yes (most of the time).

Begin early on in your dealings. Educate each new client by building a case against the lies. Be sure not to leave out the other side of the argument. State the claims of the ‘experts’ followed by case studies, statistics and other reliable evidence proving the results of your methods.

Don’t Go Too Far

Remember, it’s important to not to overwhelm potential customers. If you throw out terms like Penguin, Panda, or de-indexed, you may have your client thinking that Google is some deranged zoological experiment not worth the time. A brief description of what they may find in their search along with real world results of your work should be enough to help them steer clear of most snake oil dealers.

Taking a little time at the beginning of the relationship with a new client can have a tremendous impact on taming unrealistic notions. In a sense, you will be helping them publish better content that makes the Internet a better place for us all.


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Why using twitter is important for freelance creatives

Posted by Lisa Ellington

Oct 29, 2015 10:15:00 AM

You're nothing without an audience—a creative-type shouting (or, as the case may be, writing, drawing, singing or painting) into the void. For some, that might be enough; art for art's sake is certainly a worthy endeavor. But a song with no one to hear it isn't going to pay the bills.

Twitter is the way to build a fan-base in the 21st century—and do it while exercising your creativity. It allows freelance creatives to engage with the world like no other social medium; every tweet you send out has an audience of potentially millions. With the right key phrase or hashtag, that clever thing you thought up in the shower could lead to a dozen new followers—and a dozen new potential clients for your art.

Beyond that, you can interact with people, see what they like, see what clicks with them. Find new ways to reach people through your art. Discover what people are talking about, and engage with the world.

Here's a few quick tips for freelance creatives on getting the most out of your social media time:

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